Good News From Washington – At Last

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How very fitting that last night, October 12th, Columbus Day, the Free Trade Agreements for Panama, South Korea and Columbia were passed. Now Montana ranchers can get their beef to the South Koreans who want to eat excellent steak! Now we can ship heavy equipment and fertilizers to Columbians who grow the flowers we put on our tables. Now we can engage with Panama on a more competitive level as it begins its $5.25 billion expansion of the Panama Canal.

These Free Trade Agreements will bring economic benefit to Americans who want to grow their businesses and enjoy prosperity. Americans can now compete with other countries who have already signed Free Trade Agreements with Panama, South Korea and Columbia. If you believe as I do that people since the time of Columbus and Marco Polo want to trade and sell the best of what they have to offer in other markets, then you know how important the passage of these Free Trade Agreements will benefit Americans, Panamanians, South Koreans and Columbians.

Author: bridge360blog

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