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Preventative Medicine for the Information Technology Project

By Phil Smith

It is always wise to use preventative measures to keep your IT project on track.  Assigning a great project manager, utilizating formal risk management, utilizating of a system development process with tollgates, and implementing health checks are all examples of proactively working to keep things on track.

In this article I will discuss a few simple points to consider regarding the use of health checks for your project. A health check is a valuable tool for any project manager or business consultant.  I welcome readers to respond back with additional thoughts or counterpoints.

Definition of a Health Check

While I’m open to other definitions, I need to capture at least a basic definition here to support the remainder of the article.

Health Check:  An independent, unbiased review of the condition of a project. Ideally multiple health checks will be executed at various points in the project, with each one focusing on appropriate, critical success factors for the project, and appropriate critical maturity factors for the organization.  The scope of a health check should be limited to a preset questionnaire that is designed to help the project and the project manager.  Results should be reported in the context of degrees of compliance with required and recommended process steps.  Results should also capture corrective follow-up steps, and should highlight risks and/or issues that require attention from the PM. Continue reading

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Bridge360 Celebrates its 10th birthday

From Left to Right – Chris Durand, CTO; Morgan McCollough; Brenda Hall, CEO; John Cavazos and James Cavazos. Morgan, John and James were Bridge360’s first employees.

Austin-based software application development company attributes success to its partnership with clients, employee dedication and innovative solutions.

AUSTIN – Bridge360, a custom software application development company, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this week with a giant “thank you” to clients, employees and the community.

Working with clients to reach their full potential with quality software products and systems has been the compelling focus of the company’s steady growth over the last 10 years. With its launch one month after 9/11, Bridge360 has weathered the storms of the last decade and has been committed to client success from the beginning. Continue reading

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When Your Company Is On The Move ( Like Ours ) — Top 5 Tips For Eliminating Move Stress

by Brenda Hall

So…I’m packing up my office because we’re ‘moving on up’.

Been in this building for 7 1/2 years and it feels a little strange to be leaving it; it feels better though to know our new office space is going to be so much nicer – and bigger!An office move has its challenges, but here are some helpful tips in case you find yourself in this situation:

Tip #1    Make sure you use a good mover who uses recyclable plastic bins with rollers.  This makes life a whole lot easier than trying to pack, tape and stack cardboard boxes.  (most of them will break with the loads of books so many of us have).

Tip #2    Always order more bins than you think you need.  A good formula is if you think you need 100 bins…order 150….so uptick by 50% and you should be ok. Besides, a good mover won’t charge you for bins you don’t use.

Tip #3    You’re going  to find things you forgot you had….and guess what!….you don’t need it!  So, make sure you call in the shred-it guys with their truck and have them show up to pick up these stacks of things.  Nostalgia is nice….but keep it limited!

Tip #4    No matter how much extra space you think you planned for in your new location….you’ll probably fill it up right away, especially if you bring all that stuff from Tip #3 above!

Tip #5    Get good people to help you….don’t be afraid to ask everyone to pitch in.  At the end of the day, it all comes down to great people banding together to get the job done.

BTW….I learned I didn’t really need 5 wine bottle openers in my desk, so I’m going to take 2 of them home now 🙂