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Guest Blog: Work Culture – Now remind me again… why did I hire that guy?

By Paula Soileau and Deborah Kerr| Affintus
At every business gathering, conversation inevitably turns to solving the biggest challenge companies face: hiring the right people.

Many share stories about finding the perfect candidate – someone who has an impressive resume with great experience, and an excellent interview, and seems to be an overall great fit for the job. You are convinced this will be the perfect employee.
Then, after a couple of months on the job, it becomes clear that “perfect” person isn’t working out. The new guy just doesn’t fit in. Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Are You A Bridge Or Are You A Troll?

By Aruni S. Gunasegaram | www.enterprisemusings.com

Some people serve as bridges during good times and bad and others are just trolls.  If you are a parent, especially of girls, you have most likely heard of Dora the Explorer and the grumpy old troll who doesn’t let anyone cross his bridge unless they do certain things, behave a certain way, or answer certain questions.  He is an unhappy soul.

Some people reach out to you only when they need something, but otherwise aren’t very helpful when you reach out to them.  They don’t seem to really care what’s going on with you, or even bother to notice if you are in a pickle even if you ask for help.  Some people burn bridges intentionally and others aren’t aware they are doing so. Continue reading