Outsourcing Management Of Offshore Teams — Should You Consider It?

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By Brenda Hall, CEO

Brenda_Hall_100_x_120Here’s some great news: despite whatever views we may have of how unemployment figures are determined, the economy continues to recover. In many parts of the US, a number of jobs are not getting filled; this also holds true for offshore staffing companies. I know many recruiters who are having difficulty keeping up with demand and finding an adequate number of candidates with the skills employers need.

Frequently, as businesses grow and need to scale, owners and managers find they have too much to do and not enough time to do it, so they pay less attention to the offshore/outsourced resources available to them. Taking your ‘eye off the ball’ here can cause havoc with your teams, both locally and offshore.

Some questions to consider:

How does offshore sourcing affect your productivity and product quality? What will you do when release schedules are missed, or worse, your software is released with issues? How does this influence your corporate strategic goals and customer satisfaction?

I don’t see a diminishing reliance on offshoring; quite the opposite. This means as the world gets smaller and smaller, growing US companies (actually, all companies doing business with non-native resources) will need to revisit their IT strategies to arrange to have the best resources available to facilitate that growth.

It’s time now for CIO’s and product managers to take a long-term look at their roadmaps, and formulate strategies to help them determine how they will continue to get the job done for their companies. Growth is good, but “out-of-control” growth is bad. I recommend companies begin considering outsourcing their management of offshore teams by allowing a trusted partner to step in and elevate the performance of these teams.

Getting more for less offers plenty of benefits as long as your team knows what’s expected of them, and they are empowered to deliver the results expected of them. I’ve learned most people want to do a good job, want to be asked for their ideas, and want to achieve success regardless of their role on a team. Having better management of that team and giving them the opportunity to engage and deliver successfully (including ways to demonstrate through metrics) will result in higher value and better results.

These partners can be local or remote. Remember, the key word here is ‘trusted’ because you already have a strong relationship in place, or a valued recommendation/referral from someone who does. You should be able to count on these partners to keep you informed as they make sure your business is being run with a dedicated commitment to quality, cost management and measured success.

It’s never too late to focus on your roadmap. Determine to engage with a trusted partner to collaborate together for full understanding around expectations and required results. Considering this as an option for your company will allow you to:

  • Keep current products moving forward
  • Focus on other business aspects such as mergers and acquisitions
  • Continue to plan and build future products
  • Penetrate more markets

This may seem like a strange idea, but if you think about it…a trusted partner will allow you to do more by taking away some of your management burdens while giving you better results.

Author: bridge360blog

Software Changes Everything.... Bridge360 improves and develops custom application software. We specialize in solving complex problems at every phase of the software development lifecycle, removing roadblocks to help our clients’ software and applications reach their full potential in any market. The Bridge360 customer base includes software companies and world technology leaders, leading system integrators, federal and state government agencies, and small to enterprise businesses across the globe. Clients spanning industries from legal to healthcare, automotive to energy, and high tech to high fashion count on us to clear a path for success. Bridge360 was founded in 2001 (as Austin Test) and is headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in Beijing, China.

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