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How to Maximize ROI When Re-Facing Legacy Systems

by Chris Durand

Over the last few years we have completed a number of “legacy modernization” projects wherein we build a browser-based user-interface for iSeries (AS/400) and 3270-based applications while keeping the business logic in the host application (“re-facing”).  Here are a few things we’ve learned:

Re-facing without Extension is a Waste

The main reason a browser-based interface to an application is useful is because everyone knows how to use a web browser.  If all you are doing in your web interface is converting function keys to clickable links and adding eye-candy, you will struggle to find enough ROI to make it worthwhile.  If you are trying to eliminate costs associated with deploying green screen emulator software to user desktops, you are better off deploying a web-based emulator product instead of beginning a screen re-facing development project. Continue reading